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Cheap health Check-up



What is Tribe Herbal Health Screening Program?

Our Health Screening Preventive Program (executive check up), designed to detect any signs of sub-health/diseases in their early stage for apparently healthy-looking people.

Early diagnose of any sub-health condition can significantly reduce mortality and prevent various complications and restore individual’s health and well-being. treatment.

We provide analysis for the 36 sub-health conditions in 56 seconds -  'Quantum machine' provides cheaper check-up

Tribe Group Herbal health screening, using the non-invasive Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer technology provides analysis for the following sub-health conditions in 56 seconds:
1. Cardiovascular / cerebrovascular
2. Gastrointestinal function
3. Liver function
4. Gallbladder function
5. Pancreatic function
6. Kidney function
7. Lung function
8. Brain nerve
9. Bone disease
10. Bone mineral density
11. Rheumatoid bone disease
12. Blood sugar
13. Basic physical quality
14. Human toxin
15. Trace elements
16. Prostate
17. Male sexual function
18. Gynecology (female)
19. Skin
20. Endocrine System
21. Immune System
22. Breast (female)
23. Vitamin
24. Amino Acid
25. Bone Growth Index
26. Eye
27. Heavy Metal
28. Allergy
29. Coenzyme
30. Element of human
31. Pulse of heart and brain Analysis
32. Channels and collaterals Analysis
33. Sperm and semen
34. Menstrual cycle
35. Obesity, and
36. Blood lipids



example of generated report Marta holistic healer Glastonbury

Example of generated report

body scan Marta holistic healer Glastonbury

Body scan on the screen

All reports may be exported. They can be emailed to you or even printed, so you may be able to discuss them with others.

How To Book

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