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Green World Products Listed among Medical Aids in South Africa


Green World is becoming a house-hold name throughout Africa including South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Cameroon, Ghana and D. R. Congo since its official operation only months ago. More and more African people are benefiting both physically and financially by distributing the Green World products, many of them enjoyed the Green World products so much so that they nicknamed the Green World Chinese herbal products as God-sent "Magical Oriental Herbs".

At the backdrop of the fast development of Green World business gaining in momentum, we take great pleasure to announce that 13 Green World products are approved with the NAPPI Code (National Pharmaceutical Product Interface) of South Africa, namely, Cardiopower Capsule, Ginseng RHs Capsule, Cordyceps Plus Capsule, Propolis Plus Capsule, Ganoderma Plus Capsule, Proslim Tea, Kuding Plus Tea, A-Power Capsule, Vigpower Capsule, Spirulina Plus Capsule, Soy Power Capsule, Golden Knight Spray and Silver Eva Spray.

A NAPPI code, issued by the organization by the name of Medikredit, is an identifier for a given product which enables electronic transfer of the information to go throughout the national medical aids/medical insurance system. Medikredit has a very strict system of criteria to monitor the assessment of the products before they are approved with NAPPI code. The Green World products are the perfect marriage of the time-honored and modern technology, and since their debut in the African market, they are accredited with many acclaims from the customers testifying the good quality and efficacy of Green World products. The approval of the NAPPI code to Green World products indicates that we are producing the products which have guaranteed quality and safety.

The products approved with the NAPPI Code have a holistic health care effect ranging from immunity, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and obesity to sexual function, etc. 

NAPPI code enables the Green World South Africa customers to claim back the money they pay for their products by submitting a claim to their respective medical aids providers such as Discovery Health, or anyone of the many other key medical aids providers in South Africa.

Also we are proud to know that Green World is the first and the only Traditional Chinese Medicine manufacturer at present to get the NAPPI code for its products and accepted as the supplier of Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbal remedies among the South African medical aids system. Green World has set a good example for all the Traditional Chinese Medicine manufacturers and distributors by its positive posture of entering the mainstay market which has been manipulated by European and American companies, and this is considered as an unprecedented big success for Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

More Green World products will be approved with NAPPI codes and be listed among the South African medical aids, and the application for this purpose is being processed. Therefore, more and more African people and families will have better accessibility to more varieties of quality Green World products.

Enclosed please find the details of the Green World products approved with NAPPI codes.


Product Name


Cordyceps Plus Capsule


Spirulina Plus Capsule


Propolis Plus Capsule


Ganoderma Plus Capsule


Cardio Power Capsule


Soy Power Capsule


A-Power  Capsule


Vig Power Capsule


Ginseng RHs Capsule


Pro-Slim Tea


Kuding Plus Tea


Golden Knight Spray


Silver Eva Spray