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Healing through Ethnomedicine

Home or Work health Scan for R200

Ethnomedicine is a system that applies both art and science to help the human body to restore it's health and well-being. It utilises traditional remedies to activate the immune system. Herbs are used for cleansing, elimination and detoxification. Some are used to stimulate the body's self-healing capabilities to counteract physical symptoms, whilst other may be used as a tonic to help the body's immunity.

The human body easily assimilates nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antibiotics and hormonal substances from plants to obtain both food and medicine. Ethnomedicine is a healing modality for chronic problems. With the skillful selection of herbs, a profound transformation in health can be effected without the danger of the unpleasant side-effects inherent in drug-based medicines. Plants have a direct impact on physiological activity and by knowing what body processes one wants to help or heal, the appropriate herb or plant action can be selected.